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So delighted to be partnering up with Esska. I have admired Souraya and her huge success over the last couple of years they have gone from strength to strength. 

The shoes are designed in London and made in a small artisan factory in Portugal where craftsmen lovingly create the brand’s vision and incorporate the key product elements - breathable leather uppers & linings, padded insoles and a non-slip flexible rubber outsole. Esska strives to create shoes that are as wearable as they are beautiful, offering women the ultimate fusion in style and comfort.

I have chosen my favourite styles which I think work well with our Jumpsuits.

Nola VEGAN Platinum - Rock the JumpsuitNola VEGAN Platinum - Rock the Jumpsuit
Nola VEGAN Platinum Sale price$168.00
Nola Navy Suede - Rock the JumpsuitNola Navy Suede - Rock the Jumpsuit
Nola Navy Suede Sale price$84.00
Victoria Onyx - Rock the JumpsuitVictoria Onyx - Rock the Jumpsuit
Victoria Onyx Sale price$213.00
Venice VEGAN Platinum - Rock the JumpsuitVenice VEGAN Platinum - Rock the Jumpsuit
Venice VEGAN Platinum Sale price$213.00
Venice Onyx - Rock the JumpsuitVenice Onyx - Rock the Jumpsuit
Venice Onyx Sale price$213.00
Nola Yellow - Rock the JumpsuitNola Yellow - Rock the Jumpsuit
Nola Yellow Sale price$84.00
Valerie Light Gold - Rock the JumpsuitValerie Light Gold - Rock the Jumpsuit
Valerie Light Gold Sale price$213.00
Valerie Black Metallic - Rock the JumpsuitValerie Black Metallic - Rock the Jumpsuit
Valerie Black Metallic Sale price$213.00
Nola Green - Rock the JumpsuitNola Green - Rock the Jumpsuit
Nola Green Sale price$168.00
Valerie VEGAN Platinum - Rock the JumpsuitValerie VEGAN Platinum - Rock the Jumpsuit
Valerie VEGAN Platinum Sale price$213.00
Valerie Green Metallic - Rock the JumpsuitValerie Green Metallic - Rock the Jumpsuit
Valerie Green Metallic Sale price$213.00
Nola VEGAN Gold - Rock the JumpsuitNola VEGAN Gold - Rock the Jumpsuit
Nola VEGAN Gold Sale price$168.00
Nola White - Rock the JumpsuitNola White - Rock the Jumpsuit
Nola White Sale price$168.00
Valerie Yellow - Rock the JumpsuitValerie Yellow - Rock the Jumpsuit
Valerie Yellow Sale price$213.00