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SOJO is the clothing alterations and repair platform for people and businesses, built on the belief that a sustainable fashion future *is* possible. SOJO is the platform for reshaping wardrobes and reshaping the fashion industry by making alterations and repairs the new standard.

We believe in making change, until it fits.

Fashion needs a new fit. With over 250 million pieces of clothing manufactured every day, fashion is moving too fast. We need a fit where clothes are right for our bodies, our style and our values. No more water waste, careless carbon emissions, or clothes that boomerang from factory to landfill.

Our end-to-end logistics and technology seamlessly integrate with businesses and lives so we can pick up, snip, stitch, fix, and reshape wardrobes - and the fashion industry. Because when we demand a change in standards, then clothes will fit better, last longer, and rescue water, carbon, textiles, time and money from going to waste.

For the perfect fit, next month or next year. The secret to long-lasting clothing begins with finding your perfect fit, caring for your items and repairing them when the time comes. So from the day you buy your new Jumpsuit, to the day you restore it for your daughter, SOJO is the sustainable alternative to a landfill 

 This is why we have partnered with SOJO to offer you a bespoke, high quality  tailoring and repair service. If the length is too long, waist doesn't quite fit right or sleeves need adjusting - SOJO can do it! 

They are miracle workers.....


Book your Service

Describe your item and select form a range of bespoke tailoring, alteration and repair service 

SOJO Collect

Choose a time that works for you, and our friendly riders will collect your item at your door 

We get to work

Sit back and relax while our in-house expert tailors work their magic

We Deliver

Slow fashion, fast turnaround! Our riders deliver your repaired or tailored item back to your door within a week!

Our denim Jumpsuits have been washed to give a vintage feel and have lovely wide hems so taking the hem up requires a little more skill to ensure these details aren't lost. It's called a 'Binded' finish which we recommend to keep the same finish... so please select the 'Premium Hemming Option' at checkout. 

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Find out more and book your repair please click Here

Or if you are in London pop in to Selfridges and you will find SOJO there so can drop off any items that need altering....Please use the same code for the discount!