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A super cool selection of Belts from my friend, Bridget at Lovepinkrose who brings fashion to your wardrobe with fun and funky stretch belts. They are created and designed by Bridget whose love of fashion and simplicity means she likes to take the stress out of outfit choice. By adding a splash of colour through the simple stretch belt any favourite outfits are completely transformed into something new!

*NEW* The ROCKin Belt - Rock The Jumpsuit*NEW* The ROCKin Belt - Rock The Jumpsuit
The ROCKin' Belt Sale price£40.00
ZIPPY RAINBOW BELT - Rock The JumpsuitZIPPY RAINBOW BELT - Rock The Jumpsuit
ZIPPY RAINBOW BELT Sale price£25.00
DISCO DIVA BELT - Rock The JumpsuitDISCO DIVA BELT - Rock The Jumpsuit
DISCO DIVA BELT Sale price£30.00
THE TWIX - Rock the JumpsuitTHE TWIX - Rock The Jumpsuit
THE TWIX Sale price£28.00
The EBONY Belt - Rock The Jumpsuit
The EBONY Belt Sale price£30.00