Rock the Jumpsuit was inspired by founder Rachel Cameron-Webb’s love of jumpsuits and obsession with anything vintage. Rachel is joined by business partner Fabiola de Freitas who has a wealth of experience in fashion. Fabiola is mainly responsible for organising the production, but also for invaluable business advice along the way!

All our jumpsuits and jackets have been inspired by original patterns, and vintage finds, from the 30s through to the 80s.  We’ve added contemporary touches, creating a timeless collection, that will last you a lifetime, not just a season.

We’ve often been really excited to find a fabulous vintage jumpsuit, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t fit properly or its just too short.  So we’re offering a collection of gorgeous jumpsuits based on iconic vintage styles, in a range of sizes and importantly, body lengths, to ensure that you find something that fits you perfectly!

Our current collection has been cut from beautiful jersey, crepe, silk jersey, denim, spandex and a gorgeous gold fabric.  They all look gorgeous and feel fantastic to wear.  We have worked tirelessly to get the right fit, which will flatter both taller and shorter bodies.

We design our styles in the UK, and currently manufacture them at a small boutique atelier in Brazil, who have outstanding quality, and attention to detail.  We have also found some great manufacturers in the UK, so we will be splitting the production between the UK and Brazil, in the near future.

Each season we re-invent our signature styles in a range of fabrics and colours, and add some exciting seasonal styles to the collection.  However as we only run small productions, we probably won’t be repeating any other colours other than black, so if you see something you love, our advice is to snap it up!

We are currently building up stock as fast as we can, although due to the amount of different styles and fabrics we want to offer, there may sometimes be a small wait whilst they are made up specially for you.  So please sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you up to date!

We hope you find a jumpsuit you can rock confidently, and if you have your own ideas/designs/fabric please check out our bespoke services.

Email us a photo of you wearing it and if we decide to add it to our collection, the range will be named after you (and you’ll receive one for free!)