* NEW* DONNA Tencel Jumpsuit

£185 £245

Introducing the DONNA this Summer.

Gorgeous every day style - simple and practable! The waistband sits on your hips with a slightly tapered leg going into a lovey wide elastic hem.

A Loose fit with a little puff on the sleeve. 

Made from amazingly soft and breathable Tencel.  

Comes in Powder Pink and Black.


Tencel is made of wood pulp from sustainably certified beech and eucalyptus trees, which is made into fibers, that can be spun.
 The composition of natural fibres from the wood, makes Tencel utterly comfortable to wear. It is soft and breathable, and it has a really good ability to absorb moisture and let it go again. 

The fibres are naturally anti-bacterial, which means less need for washing. The natural fibres are anti-static and doesn’t cling to the body.

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