If you are anything like me, sometimes you fall in love with something, but the colour's not quite right or you don't like the fabric.  To help with this we are offering the following bespoke options.

We will be regularly changing the colours and fabrics of the collection, but if you have a specific colour or fabric in mind, you can commission a jumpsuit in a fabric of your choice. Simply select the jumpsuit you love, tell us your size, provide the fabric and we’ll make the jumpsuit up for you.  The lead time is approximately 2 weeks upon receipt of your fabric. Additional Cost £50 plus VAT.

We have worked hard with the sizing, so that our jumpsuits fit all shapes and sizes, but if you want a totally made-to-measure jumpsuit, that fits you perfectly, we can also help.  Choose a style from our collection, provide us with the fabric and your exact measurements and we can make your perfectly fitting jumpsuit!.  The lead time would be 2-4 weeks.  Prices start from £350 plus VAT.

Alongside our ready-to-wear collection, we also offer a full bespoke service for clients who wish to create their own dream jumpsuit! Each design would be entirely unique to the individual and created with care and attention-to-detail. Our pattern cutters would come to your home to discuss your design and take your measurements. A technical drawing would be made, followed by a toile, which would require a fitting again at your home, and then the final jumpsuit would be delivered to your door.  We can advise you with your fabric choices or you may have some fabric you want to use.   The lead time is 1-2 months. Prices start from £500 plus VAT (not including the fabric).

Alternatively, if you have an old jumpsuit you love, but would like to see it given a makeover, send us a picture of you wearing it and if we decide to use it in our next collection, you will get one for free and it will be named after you!!

If you'd like to discuss any of these options please email us.